Giraffe and Annika //Announce Trailer//

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Giraffe and Annika has been announced by NIS America, an absolutely  beautiful looking adventure about a girl who must find three special star fragments to uncover her lost memories.

More Giraffe and Annika;

Annika, a young girl, wakes up from a strange dream and finds herself on the mysterious Spica Island without knowing how she got there. On her journey of discovery, she meets the young giraffe, who seems to know who she is and sends her off with a task: To get her memories back, Annika is supposed to find three special star fragments on the island. On her trip Annika also meets the witch Lily from the Mysterious Forest. After Annika absorbs the first star fragment, she receives remarkable visions. What secrets will the unequal trio uncover on Spica Island?

Giraffe and Annika is set to release on Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch, August 28th 2020.

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Giraffe and Annika – Official Website

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