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fairy tail guest characters

Koei Tecmo America and Gust Studios have today revealed a slew of guest characters that will be featured in the upcoming magical guild JRPG Fairy Tail!

The guest characters include some fan favourites including Ultear Milkovich from the Crime Sorcière guild, Flare Corona from Raven Tail, Lyon Vastia from Lamia Scale and Minerva Orland from Sabertooth.

flare corona

The word is that guest characters, whilst not directly controllable, will have the ability to join your party and utilise a vast array of powerful spells and abilities, some of which will be directly from the anime/manga.

It doesn’t stop there though, there’s also more information on what you can expect to be doing outside of battle too, at the guild hall.

fairy tail bar

Alongside being a place to prepare for your questing, there’ll be items for sale. This will range from Lacrima, consumable items and plenty of other materials. You can even get your drink on at the bar, with a host of status inducing effects to be had for your party.

By saving all that hard earned gold, you’ll be able to purchase upgrades for the guild and increase the variety of items on offer at the guild hall, as well as making the guild look a lot fancier!

fairy tail bar upgraded

The next bit we’re super excited for! You’ll have the opportunity at the guild hall to not only talk to your fellow guild members, but also to challenge them to one-on-one duels. Now you can relive the anime/manga in true fashion by engineering duels between Natsu and Gray, and a host of other characters from Fairy Tail and other guilds across Magnolia. This will come with its own rewards too, so there’s plenty of reason to sharpen up your duelling skills.

The title will also be getting a Digital Deluxe version, which includes a Grand Magic Games costume, bonus Lacrima set and a DDX Limited Ryza costume for Lucy. Any version of the game bought within a limited launch time frame will also be able to unlock the Miss Fairy Tail costume for Erza.

fairy tail lyon

With so many exciting things coming, we’re looking forward to getting our hands on Fairy Tail when it release, how about you?

Fairy Tail is slated for release on Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4, June 26th 2020. It will also see release on PC via Steam, June 25th 2020.

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