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The Inner Friend, an introspective psychological horror from Playmind is coming to consoles!

The title, which has already seen an award-winning release on PC, is a true foray into fear. Looks pretty unsettling if you ask me.

Check out the trailer above!

More about The Inner Friend;

The story of The Inner Friend takes you on a journey through a fragmented dreamscape, led by a mysterious Shadow. Horrifying monsters stalk The Shadow’s memories; the player must evade and fight them while dealing with obstacles and puzzles in the darkness of The Shadow’s mind.

Key Features

IMMERSIVE STORYTELLING : Immerse yourself in a visually-driven narrative with a minimalist interface

AN EERIE ADVENTURE : Journey through a surreal world inspired by childhood nightmares and psychology

DIVERSE GAMEPLAY MECHANICS : Overcome obstacles, solve puzzles and defeat nightmarish foes

RECONNECT WITH YOUR INNER CHILD : Earn the Shadow’s trust to unlock new challenges and pieces of the story

COLLECT ALL ARTIFACTS : Rebuild the Shadow’s safe haven to save him from his darkest fears

The Inner Friend will be available for Playstation 4 and Xbox One April 28th 2020. The PC version is already available via Steam.

Want to know more?

The Inner Friend Official Website

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