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Demon’s Tier+, a fast paced twin stick dungeon-RPG roguelike from Cowcat is coming to console!

It looks super hectic and a hell of a lot of fun, we’re looking forward to seeing this in action! Check out the trailer above!

More about Demon’s Tier+;

Enter the dungeons of King Thosgar and destroy his demonic minions!

Combining the best elements from Xenon Valkyrie+ and Riddled Corpses EX, this is the latest game in the Diabolical Mind trilogy!

- Epic storyline

- 2 player couch coop (on PS4, Switch, Xbox)

- 8 heroes with different stats and abilities

- Procedurally generated dungeons

- High quality chiptune music

- Twin-stick shooting

- Localized into 4 languages

Will you be the hero to save this world?

Demon’s Tier+ will be available for Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Playstation Vita sometime in June, 2020.

Want to know more?

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