Pixel Ripped 1995 //Trailer//

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Pixel Ripped 1995, a virtual reality love letter experience that harkens back to the classic era when 16-bit was evolving in to 32-bit is coming to PSVR! The title from developer Ana Ribeiro and publisher Arvore has already seen some pinnacle success on other VR platforms so it’s exciting to finally get a release date for this gem on the Playstation.

Check out the trailer above!

More about Pixed Ripped 1995;

Players will remember that classic feeling of adrenaline when trying to play video games post-bedtime without getting caught, or the thrill of finally finding that brand new game at the store. They will venture through homages to the best games and genres from the 1990s, like action RPGs, brawlers, platformers, space shooters, and racing games. And they will do it all while dodging the indignation of miffed parents through multiple environments — the living room, bedroom, the local video rental store, the arcade at the pier, and more. With 6 fully original levels that each feel like entirely different games, Pixel Ripped 1995 is an incredible journey for both VR and retro gamers.

Pixed Ripped 1995 will be available for PSVR on  May 12th 2020 in the Americas, with a later release on May 19th 2020 in Europe. Check here for more information!

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