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Embark on an adventure the spans time itself in a bid to save the world as Troy, the prince who can control time in the old-school style RPG The Revenant Prince. From Nomina Games, the title promises to offer a cast of colourful characters and decision making where your actions will have consequences on how the story reaches its conclusion.

Check out the trailer above!

More about The Revenant Prince

The Revenant Prince is both an homage to and an expansion of 90’s RPGS like Final Fantasy 6, Chrono Trigger, and Secret of Mana, with their seemingly evocative worlds, colossal casts, and simple, elegant graphics that let players imagine the expansive world just out of view,” said Nomina Games founder and director Darrel Wijaya. “We wanted to capture this feeling of endless possibility, where you play a major, active role in how the story plays out. The Revenant Prince is a culmination of everything that made us fall in love with RPGs in the first place.


Single-player gameplay with potentially irreversible consequences.

Time-based battles with an arsenal of weapons and magic!

Interactions with a menagerie of enemies with a variety of interesting outcomes.

The ability to play god (literally) and toy with the lives of many!

A simple blend of pixelated and painterly art styles.

The Revenant Prince is coming to PC via Steam this Summer, 2020. Check here for more information!

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